Underpinning is a heavy construction activity that is under taken when you need to increase the height of your existing basement to a comfortable height.

Underpinning process requires the following general steps:

  • Determining the required future height of the basement.
  • Coordinating with Architectural and structural engineers for required Drawing.
  • Applying for underpinning permit from the municipality
  • Hiring underpinning contractor to proceed with the underpinning process based on the approved and stamped engineering drawing
  • Coordinating with HVAC and pluming to remove and install the new HVAC and do modify the under-slab drainage and plumbing pipe due to the new drawing.
WETFIX  engineers can help the house owner in process of preparing the required stamped Architectural and structural drawing and obtaining the city permit, after signing the initial contract for underpinning. For your Underpinning need contact WETFIX for initial meeting by calling 416-479-9753

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